ooh, ooh! more nitpicking

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Tue Jun 3 21:39:00 GMT 2003


Yeah, that is definitely a feature that people getting paid to program 
would implement.  :)

I think we have many more fundamental problems to solve before we worry 
about such issues.


Jack Tanner wrote:

> So I love the fact that my X-forwarded apps now show up in the Alt-Tab 
> list with their proper icons. Except that now there's no way to 
> distinguish at a glance between, say, a Mozilla running locally and a 
> Mozilla running remotely -- they have the same icon.
> How about this for overloading a simple feature and opening a gazillion 
> cans of worms: the icon shown for each X application in the Alt-Tab list 
> (as well as in the taskbar, for completeness sake), gets it's default 
> icon but with an faint X11-style letter "X" in the background. This 
> letter X should be visible no matter what my system colors are.
> As a bonus point, the number of the X display should be embedded next to 
> the X to disambiguate between the same application being shown on 
> different X servers, but this bonus functionality should only be enabled 
> if more than one X server is actually running.
> Flames to /dev/null; granted, this is a silly idea but it does point out 
> a problem. Additional information could be sought by seeing how other 
> application-forwarding software (e.g., VNC, NetMeeting, PC Anywhere, 
> Citrix Metaframe or their ilk) disambiguate under such circumstances, or 
> if they bother to do anything at all.
> For those still reading, here's an entertaining note: the citrix.com 
> site currently carries an ad which reads "Citrix embraces and extends 
> Windows Server 2003".
> -JT

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