Multiwindow request

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Jun 2 20:12:00 GMT 2003

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Randall R Schulz wrote:

> Jeremy,
> At 08:47 2003-06-02, Peter Colovas wrote:
> >I think the multi-window mode of xfree is great work. Since the
> >addition of the changeable window title it has been everything I need.
> >I have a feature request. I don't know how difficult it would be, but
> >it would be great if the right click menu in the trayy had the option
> >to open an new xterm window. I sometimes close my only local window,
> >and I hate to have to shut everything else donw just to get a new one.
> I think some kind of simple mechanism to extend the XWin tray icon's
> pop-up menu would be good, but to arbitrarily add an "xterm" item seems
> much to fixed, limited and narrow.
> Randall Schulz
> >Thanks for all the great work.
> >--
> >Peter W. Colovas

IMO, the ability to start clients is the function of the window manager.
I know fvwm provides such, and so do KDE and CDE.  In multiwindow mode,
the window manager is native windows (Explorer?), which has its own start
menu and its own desktop management, so those are the tools that should be
used to start new clients.  The only way in which the Explorer WM is
different from the traditional WMs (like fvwm, etc) is that it's not aware
of the DISPLAY value (which may or may not be a problem).

Perhaps a separate X client that runs in multiwindow mode and provides the
root menu functionality might be a better idea...  It could modify the
standard Windows root menu by adding a submenu, which it would then have
complete control over...
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