Code reorganization heads up

Benjamin Riefenstahl
Mon Jun 2 19:54:00 GMT 2003

Hi Alexander, all,

Alexander Gottwald <> writes:
> The was a question on the list about the dll renaming. So I guess
> Benjamin(?) also compiled from cvs.

Yes, I just took the XFree86 CVS, and than dumped the test server
sources into the right directory.  I didn't use a branch for checkout,
so I probably got the development version.  There is an extra branch
xf-4_3-branch, though I can't see any activity there for the files
that I checked.

I compiled with the regular Cygwin.  Compiles fine, no problems here.
For testing I just added the directory with the DLLs to the PATH to
pick up the DLLs with the new names.

so long, benny

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