taskbar and system tray menus

Ilya Goldin goldin+@pitt.edu
Mon Jun 2 19:36:00 GMT 2003

Colin Harrison wrote:
> I assume you want the 'Close' at the bottom instead of the 'Always On Top'
> in the sys menus (right click on app. title or task bar) (i.e. the two menu
> items transposed)?
> and 'Exit' at the bottom below 'Show Root Window' in the tray (right click
> on tray X icon )(again transposed)?

Yup, this is exactly what I want.

> If others agree... I'll try this after Harold's reorg.

Thank you!

Another, even nitpickier request re: the tray menu. The current behavior
is: click on "Show Root Window", get the root window, and the menu
changes to "Hide Root Window"; click on "Hide Root Window", the root
window hides, and the menu changes to "Show Root Window".

It feels like bad UI to change the menu entry from underneath the user.
My suggestion: make the default menu "Hide Root Window" with a (checked)
checkbox next to it. When the user clicks on "(checked) Hide Root
Window", show the root window and clear the cbeckbox. When the user
clicks on "(unchecked) Hide Root Window", hide the root window and set
the check again.


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