X icon was not updated in XFree86-xserv-4.2.0-42

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Mon Jun 2 19:23:00 GMT 2003

>> Benjamin Riefenstahl wrote:
>>> Are you sure that this is included?  When I extract the icon from the
>>> binary, it doesn't seem to have changed.  This may be related to the
>>> fact that the icon isn't mentioned as a dependency of XWin.res in the
>>> Makefile.

Benny was right.  A newly compiled XWin.exe is 2 KiB larger than 
4.2.0-42, which accounts for the 2 KiB increase in the size of X.ico.

Additionally, I was looking at the icon on the upper left-hand corner of 
an X term, not the tray icon... the tray icon is indeed 20 pixels by 20 
pixels.  Finally, the tray icon did change under magnification from 
Test91 to my newest build.  So, it is using the 24 x 24 icon to generate 
the 20 x 20 icon, rather than the 16 x 16 or the 32 x 32.

However, my 24 x 24 icon still looks crappy when scaled down to 20 x 
20... not sure if it looks better than the 16 x 16 scaled up to 24 x 24 
though.  It really is a close call.

Can somebody else spend some time on X.ico with the free icon editor I 
found and fix this once and for all?




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