X icon

Lev Bishop lev.bishop@yale.edu
Mon Jun 2 18:50:00 GMT 2003


> On the other hand, the 24 x 24 icon I made looks like crap. I just
> realized that my notebook uses 24 x 24 small icons because I am running
> it with 120 dpi fonts. I should have looked at the icon on here first,
> cause it really is obviously garbage. Then again, it looks like there
> are green pixels in the 24 x 24 icon when I magnify it... which I
> distinctly remember going through and removing after scaling the 32 x 32
> icon down to 24 x 24. I wonder if the wrong size icon is still being
> loaded on my notebook and being manually scaled by Windows to 24 x 24,
> thus reintroducing the green pixels.

Are you sure your notebook uses 24x24? I only ask because 120dpi ought to
correspond to 20x20 (assuming 96dpi corresponds to 16x16). Unless there's
something I'm missing. I'm not sure which of 24x24 and 16x16 windows would
choose in preference but it has to scale either way.

BTW on my machine, running at 120dpi makes _all_ the system tray items 
look pretty crappy.


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