Problem with releases since -37

Harold L Hunt II
Mon Jun 2 15:37:00 GMT 2003


Jeremy Wilkins wrote:

> I've just updated to -41 (from -34 or -35, can't remember) and find 
> netscape 4.7 (from a solaris box) frequently crashes Xwin. Other apps 
> like emacs, xterm and xclock (from the same solaris box) seem fine.

Does it just crash XWin.exe, or does it give the STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION 
dialog box that indicates that the crash occurred in cygwin1.dll?  If it 
is the former, then that is because of a bug in XWin.exe (which I have 
heard reports of for Netscape before), if it is the later (Andrew's 
case) then it is probably because of multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on 
your system.

> jeremy
> PS: Definately only got one cygwin1.dll

Right, I think you have a different problem.


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