Help me analyze my configuration

Willem Riede
Sun Jun 1 17:14:00 GMT 2003

On 2003.05.26 16:05, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> I think I would keep the 8500DV but get a new motherboard instead.  I 
> had read before that the AGP support on that particular Iwill board was 
> spotty, but I didn't care because I had never owned an AGP card.  Most 
> other boards out there don't have the same types of problems and I am 
> sure that Iwill has improved their AGP support in the past two years as 
> well.
> Thanks for describing the problem.  It was kinda neat to see the exact 
> same problem that I had happening to another user :)  I mean, it sucks 
> that it happened to you, but it keeps me from thinking that I was just 
> doing something wrong with my configuration.  :)

Just in case anyone is curious how this story ends...

I've replaced the Iwill KA266-R motherboard with a GigaByte GA-7DXE, and
things work great now with the 8500DV - DVD plays smooth as silk, and XWin 
works properly with the default engine.

Now, if anyone wants a slightly used KA266-R :-)

Thanks, Willem Riede.

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