Some undesirable behaviour in Test77

Yadin Y Goldschmidt
Fri Jan 31 16:49:00 GMT 2003

Are you sure you are not running twm or any other window manager? you have
to REM twm in the batch file.
"Raymond Kwong" <> wrote in message
> Harold:
> The latest X server, Test 77, does not crash with -multiwindow -clipboard
> me also. Thanks for the good work.
> There is, however, some undesirable behaviour with Test 77, which is not
> present in XWin-4.2.0-20.
> 1. I use the virtual desktop virtuawin. When I switch from another desktop
> to the one containing the xterms, I get incessant switching between xterms
> if there is more than one. This behaviour was reported by others, I think.
> 2. I have 2 xterms, one partially covering the other. If I click the one
> underneath to bring it to the front, the overlap area comes up only in
> outline. I can still see the material in the other xterm underneath. It is
> if the xterm brought up is transparent on the overlap area!
> These 2 problems are not observed with XWin-4.2.0-20.
> Let me know what details you need to know in connection with these two
> problems. Because of them, I normally still use XWin-4.2.0-20,
> manually starting xwinclip if necessary. Although I am not 100% sure, but
> think every X server later than XWin-4.2.0-20 that I tried exhibits
> problems.
> Raymond

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