change the size of the window

John Buttery
Fri Jan 31 07:29:00 GMT 2003

* Quan Ding <> [2003-01-30 19:30:37 -0800]:
> Doesn't seems to work. :(
> I did what you said and tried to run the batch file.
> Nothing happened. No window come up at all.

  You probably have an older version of the XFree86-xserv package that
doesn't have the MultiWindow code in it.  Try running the Cygwin setup
program and upgrading.

> BTW, there's no way to reply a message in the browser?
> I have to subscribe the mailing list and send messages
> by emails?

  No, and yes, respectively.

  The answer to your other question is that twm doesn't resize windows
the way you're probably used to from other window managers; you can't
just grab any side or corner and stretch.  You resize windows in twm by
clicking on the resize box in the upper right corner of the window (aka
on the right end of the titlebar) and dragging out from there.  Note
that if you want to make the window smaller, you have to make it larger
first; in other words, drag it out larger and then with the mouse button
still down, drag it back smaller.  It sounds more complicated than it
  Oh, and don't say twm isn't configurable just because _you_ don't know
how.  :)

 John Buttery
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