change the size of the window

Harold L Hunt II
Fri Jan 31 06:18:00 GMT 2003


Look, just REM out the starting of "twm" in your startxwin.bat, then add 
the parameter "-multiwindow" to the starting of XWin.  That will use the 
integrated window manager, which I think will be more to your liking. 
It is an experimental feature, but I think you should use it anyway.


Quan Ding wrote:
> I'm a newbie to cygwin.
> I found that all windows in X-window are fixed in
> size. There's no border that I can drag and change the
> size of that window. I search the mailing list and
> googled online and didn't find the answer. So how do I
> configure so that the window's size can be changed freely?
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