Clipboard functionality (test77)

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Jan 30 21:20:00 GMT 2003


Nigel Hathaway wrote:
> It doesn't work for me.
> Here is my command line:
> C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\XWin.exe -fullscreen -nowinkill -once -query
> jeeves -clipboard
> I have a local (global to the local machine, set via 'My Computer icon -
> w2k) environment variable DISPLAY=tuppy:0.0.
> I have this because the x server doesn't seem to be serving on localhost.
> If I run xterm locally, I get an xterm on my display (I have set up the
> permissions to do that).  I can run xwinclip.exe and that works fine.
> It seems that the winClipboardProc should pick up what IP address(es) the
> server is serving on, now it is built in

Yeah, it would maybe seem that that would be easy... but I can't really 
tell how to figure out, from within the server, what hostname the server 
is listening on.  If you, or someone else, could figure that out, then 
it would really speed up how quickly I can actually take some action on 

> Is there currently any way of telling it either to serve on localhost as
> well as the Ethernet adapter, or telling the clipboard function  which
> adaptor the x server is serving on?

Not that I know of.

Thanks for testing,


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