Crashing with -clipboard and -multiwindow

Harold L Hunt II
Wed Jan 29 19:01:00 GMT 2003

Thomas and Brian,

It would be great if you could double-check the latest debug release before
I make a Test77 release: (1.2

Oh yeah, and the credit for the bug fix goes mostly to Kensuke for finding
the problem... I merely patched it according to his instructions.  :)

Thanks again for testing,


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"Harold L Hunt II" <> wrote:
> Anyone that is experiencing a crash on startup when using -clipboard
> and -multiwindow, please try the debugging release that I made last night:

> (1.2

> I am still awaiting confirmation that this does or does not fix the
> If it fixes the problem I will make an official Test77 release with the
> that it contains.

> Thanks for testing,

works for me too - crashed before with -clipboard - now it no longer
crashes ... thanks a lot for this fix


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