Displaying host list to manage from a local list

Dukhan, Meir Mdukhan@ndsisrael.com
Wed Jan 29 15:30:00 GMT 2003

Thanks for your answer, however it is not what I need.
-broadcast will give me the first host on the network that answer
to the request.
But what I need is a "local setting" that will allow each of my user
to get a list of some hosts they want/may to connect to.

And I want this list defined from their Windows-PC-side.


-- Meir

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* "Dukhan, Meir" <Mdukhan@ndsisrael.com> [2003-01-29 15:48:21 +0200]:
> I would like to manage to launch cygwin/xfree so that the Cygwin will
> let me "choose" the host I want to connect to from a little text file
> on my Windows PC (like in Exceed when specifiying "xdmcp-boadcast" in
> Xconfig).       

  Edit your startxwin.bat so it says "Xwin.exe -broadcast".

 John Buttery
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