GNU emacs 21.2-12 is available

Harold L Hunt II
Tue Jan 28 21:16:00 GMT 2003


Any ideas on why the X11 version of the eamcs package does not process the
mouse wheel messages?  I believe we are sending them as presses of the
defacto standard buttons 5 and 6... but all you get when you scroll is just
beeps.  I know that the mouse wheel is a pain-in-the-___ in emacs, but are
there any compil-time flags you can set to tell emacs that by default you
want 5 and 6 to scroll up and down?

If you don't have any ideas off the top of your head, don't worry about it,
I will look at the emacs source later.  Later probably means about 4 months,
so I figured I would ask you first :)


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GNU emacs 21.2-12 is available.


- fixed problem with DOC file causing LISP documentation functions
   to fail; X and non-X emacs now have separate DOC files

New users please be aware:

- You will want "tty" included in your CYGWIN environment variable
   setting, and probably "binmode".  Look at the following for some

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