Sun Jan 26 18:06:00 GMT 2003

- thank you so much for your prompt reply.  I will see how AOL (ugh) takes to 
a night-long download - I use AOL because I used to change location a lot, 
and they have our website. I finally suceeded getting XWindows on Cygwin by 
the simple expedient of installing ALL packages from the Edmunds CD, too 
many, but I did not know which of the long list were really needed.

Are you interested in dynamic-system simulation? If so, look at my web page

DESIRE runs under Windows, and I now have a good Linux version, which is 
yours for free if you are interested in this field.  The latest version uses 
gcc 3.2 optimized for Pentium 4, so my Pentium 4 is now ALMOST as fast as my 
AMD Athlon!  Linux will also be the easiestway to compile for the new 64-bit 
AMD processors.

Edmunds is a very good inexpensive source for Linux CDs.

Best regards, and thanks again

Granino A. Korn, ex-ECE, University of AZ

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