howdo I

Christopher Faylor
Sun Jan 26 08:12:00 GMT 2003

On Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 11:39:29PM -0500, wrote:
>- I got the cygwin disk from Edmunds; it installed nicely, but does not
>seem to contain the XWindows system.

Um, what's Edmunds?  ...googling...  Hmm.  A Cygwin CD.  How novel.

>Is there anyway to buy this on CD?  I only have a slow dial-up
>installation, so downloading is not practical.

Sure, it's practical.  Start the download going before you go to bed.
Even if it fails, you'll be partway there.  Do that for a couple of days
and you'll have what you need.  If you start now, you might even get it
faster than the amount of time it would take to ship a CD.

>Also are there any books and manuals on cywin?

You found the web site, right?  Some of it is there.  All of it is
available via either the "man" command or the "info" command right
on your computer.

If you want printed documentation, then, AFAIK, the answer is know.
Unless there's a site out there shipping that, too.


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