Can't Get XDMCP Login on Mandrake 9.0 Box from XP

Curt Lindner
Sun Jan 26 04:04:00 GMT 2003

Harold, I did set "Enable=True" in the kdmrc file.

Per the XDMCP-HOWTO, I also set Port=177, and I note now that the Willing=
keword is blank.

Was I not supposed to set Port=177?  Should I set "Willing=" to some other

 Thanks for the response.


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> >Curt,
> >
> >You may have read a lot of FAQs, but did you read:
> cp?
> >That should help you out.  Please email the mailing list if that solves
> your problem.
> Harold
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> Subject: Can't Get XDMCP Login on Mandrake 9.0 Box from XP
> I'm a complete Linux/Cygwin/Xfree newbie, so please go easy on me!
> I've been banging my head the last few evenings to try and set up Xfree on
> my XP machine to allow me to have remote sessions on a PC I have running
> Mandrake 9.0.  I have read everything I can find on the newsgroups and on
> the cygwin websites, and the how-to's and mini-how-to's on the LDP site.
> I've set all the settings I can find to set in Xaccess, xdm-config, kdmrc,
> etc., etc.  I cannot solve this problem.
> I can start Xfree86 on my XP box using the batch file provided with the
> standard installation.  I can telnet into the Mandrake box.  I can use
> "xhosts +", then export the DISPLAY to my XP machine, and successfully
> an xterm/emacs/etc session on the XP machine.    I can also run VNC just
> fine both ways (XP to Mandrake & Mandrake to XP).  I can also use Terminal
> Services from Mandrake to XP.
> So, why can't I get a login screen when I edit the batch file to start
> using "-query mandrake-ip, -from xp-ip" ??
> I always thought I knew my way around an operating system, I know how to
> up router filters, but man, this has really humbled me!!  :-)  I'm amazed
> that you folks can keep this stuff straight!
> Thanks in advance for any pointers that might be provided.  I really don't
> want to use VNC, as it's not as refined as the X windows option.  I'm sure
> you folks agree!
> -Curt

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