Bizarre server crash

Harold L Hunt II
Sat Jan 25 19:16:00 GMT 2003


Wow, great catch!  That would definitely cause problems since the
IDirectDrawSurface macros just call the appropriate function through the
surface pointer.  I NULL surface pointer would certainly result in a crash.

I have applied this patch to my local tree; it will be in the next test


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Brian Gallew wrote:

> Alexander Gottwald said:
> > I noticed this too. Happens with all apps (I've found) which change
> > resolution.
> The interesting thing is that it clearly isn't *all* apps that change
> resolution.  I can run Neverwinter Nights (and often do!) concurrently
> with XFree86 with nary a problem.  This may well be a legacy DirectX
> thing, though (DiabloII is quite a bit older, after all).

seems to depend on the colordepth change.

Hope this patch fixes it (can't test. The computer where i saw the crash
is at work.)

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