Native GDI

Harold L Hunt II
Sat Jan 25 16:23:00 GMT 2003


There has not been much going on with Native GDI for some time now.  The
server is at the point where it draws most things correctly usings only
spans, but we need to iron out the last few bugs before we can start
implementing translations of some of the X graphics functions into GDI
graphics functions.

You can download the last work that we did on Native GDI from the
SourceForge project that we used to host the development:

I am sure that we will get back around to Native GDI after the MultiWindow
code and the Clipboard Manager code stabilize.  On the other hand, Alan
Hourihane might appreciate anyone willing to look at the code right now.  He
understands drawing spans much better than I do, but he would still
appreciate some help fixing those last few glitches with our spans routines.

Thanks for your inquiry,


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How is the support for Native GDI coming along? The last post I can find
on it is sometime in March last year. Can you post something as an
update on the progress?

Thank you, for all the good work


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