xwinclip usage?

Randall J. Parr RParr@TemporalArts.COM
Fri Jan 24 23:01:00 GMT 2003

Harold L Hunt II wrote:

>All I can tell you right now is that it has always been a pain to get
>xwinclip (or any local X client for that matter) to work with XWin.exe when
>you are using -query for an XDMCP session.
>I can also tell you that I doubt that the new version of XWin.exe is causing
>the stand-alone xwinclip not to work.  That just doesn't make sense.  More
>likely is that you accidentally were doing something differently that you
>have now forgotten to do.  To prove me wrong, download one of those test
>versions that would have been in place in October.  It looks like you should
>try Test64 or Test68... but I bet your results will be the same.
>I really need an XDMCP/X security expert to explain this to me COMPLETELY.
>Sure, others have mentioned a few things that might be causing the problem,
>which generally is of no benefit to me.  I need someone to sit down for
>three hours and actually test the various modes that xwinclip can be started
>in and what you have to do in order to get xwinclip (or any local X client)
>to connect to XWin.exe when using -query.  I don't want suggestions, I don't
>want speculation, I want someone to tell me what needs to be done to take
>care of this once and for all.  I admit, I cannot fix this problem.  Someone
>will have to fix it for me, and they will have to do a good job of it
>otherwise it will not be of any benefit to me.
>Until that someone steps forward, I am fresh out of ideas,
I am not an XDMCP/X security expert. I can not provide a complete fix. I 
can only tell you what I did to get it working (after a fashion). I 
offer the following as a means for others to get it working .

First, I added commands to my xdm configuration such that xhost is run 
duing XDM login. In my situation (Red Hat 8) that amounted to adding a 
file as follows:

create /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/xhosts and make it executable (as the 
other files in initrc.d).

xhost inet:<host>.<domain>
xhost inet:<host>.<domain>

Second, I am starting Cygwin/X from the Cygwin bash shell using the 
startxwin.sh script as modified below:

#! /bin/sh
export DISPLAY=
eval `ssh-agent`

# Cleanup from last run.
rm -rf /tmp/.X11-unix

XWin -query <host>.<domain> &
sleep 60s
xwinclip &

Third, after running startxwin.sh, you have 60 seconds to get logged in. 
If you do, xwinclip starts and works great. If you do not, you get the 
typical error messages from xwinclip.

I have not yet tried the new versions that support -clipboard.

If/when I delve more deeply into this and figure out how better to set 
XDMCP/X security/authority, I'll let you know.

It is my general feeling that this is, in part, due to my inability to 
figure out how to start the X display as DISPLAY <host>.<domain>:0  (ie 
a "real" IP rather than  I sometimes hit similar problems 
when trying to run remote X apps from a RH console with DISPLAY as ":0" 
instead of "<host>.<domain>:0" or when trying to run PC-XVision without 
having set the DISPLAY to <host>.<domain>:0.


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