starting x apps

thomas graichen
Thu Jan 23 15:57:00 GMT 2003


just played around a bit with the new multiwindow option (a great
thanks to all who made that possible) i noticed one thing:

i'm having an multiwindow-xserver running, having set the DISPLAY
and an extended PATH (by cygin/bin and cygwin/X11R6/bin) in my
w2k environment and can this way get for instance an xterm (or
any other x-app) to appear on the screen as multiwindow-window
by simply clicking at the executable in the explorer - the
strange thing is that i always also get another empty (looks
like an empty cygwin bash or cmd) window for each app ... the same
applies if i want to start for example an xterm from a batch-file

  start /B xterm.exe -some-options

as soon as i start the .bat from the explorer or a menu or
something like that i get that extra empty window (i.e. the
/B flag of "start" seems to be ignored) - if i call the same
.bat from within a cygwin bash window or an cmd window
everythings works as expected: with /B no extra window - without
an extra window

am i doing something wrong here? is there any trick to simply
get a button somwhere which gives me on a click an multiwindow
xterm (and nothing else :o)?

a lot of thanks in advance


thomas graichen <> ... perfection is reached, not
when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no
longer anything to take away. --- antoine de saint-exupery

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