GDI DIB Engine Failing in 24 Bits Per Pixel Color

Benjamin Riefenstahl
Wed Jan 22 19:27:00 GMT 2003

Hi Harold,

"Harold L Hunt II" <> writes:
> I recall seeing somewhere that the GDI DIB documentation is wrong
> when it comes to 24 bit DIBs and that instead of the pixels being
> packed, they are actually aligned on 32 bit word boundaries, just
> like a 32 bit DIB.  Am I crazy?  Did I just dream seeing this?

A short look into the docs, without actually trying anything out, says
that scanlines must be padded to a 32-bit boundary (for all data types
actually, not just 24 bits).  Does the code do that?  The docs also
say, that the colormap can be used for optimization, so it must be
initialized, even if empty.

Just some thoughts, benny

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