[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Test 73

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Wed Jan 22 16:42:00 GMT 2003


I noticed those once in awhile on my system as well.  That is due to the 
  X Shape Extension hack.  However, I am not sure why CreateRectRgn is 
failing... I think that CombineRgn failing is a side-effect of 
CreateRectRgn failing.  I might just turn off the messages... or maybe I 
will make them more detailed.


Colin Harrison wrote:
> Hi
> Minor observation.
> In -multiwindow -clipboard
> When xeyes is run, the background is now transparent (I had to use xsetroot on one of the earlier multi builds)
> However, I'm getting loads of:-
> winReshape - CreateRectRgn () failed
> winReshape - CombineRgn () failed
> messages in my XWinrl.log file.
> (XP Pro 16 bit screen)
> Thanks
> Colin

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