xfree and vms

Reinhard Karcher rkarcher@frey.de
Tue Jan 21 21:24:00 GMT 2003

J S wrote:
> Is anyone here running DecWindows using XFree? I know nothing about VMS but 
> need to set up XFree for someone who does. I just have a couple of questions 
> though:
> 1. What are the VMS key mappings and where do these go?
> 2. How do I get the VMS fonts to work? Apparently there isn't a font server 
> on VMS.
As I am at home for a few days, just a short answer:
I was using DecWindows with XFree. Our VMS is 10 years old (6.0). We use UCX 
as TCP/IP stack. I connected to VMS via rexec, starting a command procedure
for the SET DISPLAY/CREATE command.
1. I had to run xmodmap to adapt some keys.
2. What's the problem with fonts? In the 75pi directory are dec-fonts:
   term14, termB14, tech14, techB14.

If you want more information, tell me, but you have to wait a few days.


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