xfree and vms

J S vervoom@hotmail.com
Tue Jan 21 18:07:00 GMT 2003


I had no problem running VMS on XFree86. I just did:

1 – Telnet to connect and logon as normal

2 – Set the X windows display with SET DISPLAY/CREATE /NODE=my.machine.name 

3 – To test the connection, start a new terminal with CREATE/TERM/DETACH or 

That worked fine. But I have to get the keys and fonts working for an app 
that runs on there. Harold, ANY help is appreciated!

Many thanks,


>We do run VMS at one the jobs I have... I tried once to connect 
>Cygwin/XFree86 to VMS, but I was unsuccessful.  My boss uses X-Win32 all 
>the time to display VMS apps (at least, I think she does... but she does 
>have VMS machine on her desk, so maybe she doesn't...).  I could see what 
>she does to connect X-Win32 to VMS, or I could ask around to see if anyone 
>else there does it.  I might be able to give you some tips, but don't hold 
>your breath waiting for me to find the info, as it may take a few days.
>J S wrote:
>>Is anyone here running DecWindows using XFree? I know nothing about VMS 
>>but need to set up XFree for someone who does. I just have a couple of 
>>questions though:
>>1. What are the VMS key mappings and where do these go?
>>2. How do I get the VMS fonts to work? Apparently there isn't a font 
>>server on VMS.
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