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That is very interesting.  I wonder what could be causing that problem... I
didn't think that there was anything in the MultiWindow mode that touched
the bits at such a low level, but now I will have to look more closely.

Hmm... actually, try running with this command line (with Windows in 24 bpp)
and report your results:
XWin.exe -engine 1 -rootless

The real problem here may be the way that the GDI DIB engine handles 24
bpp... not necessarily anything wrong with the MultiWindow mode.  This seems
quick realistic, since the GDI DIB engine is not used unless specified or
unless you are using the MultiWindow mode, so a bug in the GDI DIB engine
could have gone undiscovered for a long time.

Thanks for testing,


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Hi Harold, some good news.

I tried it with colordepth 16 and then it worked like a charm. Haven't
tried it more than opening an emacs but that seemed to work just fine.

Do you still want me to try the -clipboard things? (I did not use the
-clipboard option in my previous trials, I only started with -multiwindow)


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