Using XFree to replace explorer.exe as the window manager for Windows

Andrew Markebo
Mon Jan 20 21:22:00 GMT 2003

/ David Fraser <> wrote:
| Stuart Adamson wrote:
|>Yep - I've done this.
|>However - some of the control panel stuff didn't work correctly afterwards
|>(like the program installation wizard).  I had to move back to explorer.exe,
|>install my program then move back to using X as the shell.


| Which just shows why its bad to have a monolithic OS instead of one
| made up of separate components
| That's Windows for you...
| David

Or you learn what the control-panel needs for this, and implements
it.. Just like the window-managers for X implement a bit of

What I mean is that I am using litestep on my computer, and I have
managed to install and uninstall a bunch of apps.


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