xwinclip not working? or nor running?

Jay Smith jay@JaySmith.com
Sat Jan 18 04:21:00 GMT 2003


I have just installed xwinclip on a Window 95 PC according to the
instructions on the xwinclip web page.  The xwinclip.exe is dated 29
December 2002, thus I assume that it is Test07.  It was on my system as the
result of an install of Cygwin that was downloaded about a week ago -- I
guess Test08 was not in that.

I start Cygwin and it seems to take longer to start, but does not give any
error messages.

I am trying to use xwinclip to copy/paste between Mozilla 1.2 running on a
Red Hat 8 server -- Linux/Mozilla is running through the Cygwin XFree86
stuff that is running on this PC.

When I try to copy/paste in either direction, I get nothing; nothing
happens. No errors, no crashes, just nothing.

My primary need is to copy URLs to/from IE 5.x and Linux Mozilla 1.2.

Between Window 95 programs, copy/paste works fine.
Between Mozilla windows copy/paste works fine.

Between other linux windows and Mozilla, copy/paste does _not_ work.

?? How do determine if the xwinclip is even running?

?? How should I further test to try to determine the source of the problem?


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