xwinclip copy pasting from Xwin/Sun dtterm to Windows XP

Tom Connelly tomc@novadigm.com
Fri Jan 17 19:11:00 GMT 2003


I use my Cygwin mainly for connecting to various UNIX hosts throught the
company ,and export terminals and other apps back to my local Cygwin/Windows
XP display.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to make others aware, as I have not seen
it mentioned in the archives, - so forgive me if it's there and I missed it
- that in order to copy and paste text from an exported SUN dtterm back into
Windows (notepad or something), you have to select the dtterm text,
CTRL-Insert (copy) within the dtterm, then SELECT some other text from a
regular cygwin xterm to push the dtterm text into the clipboard, then you
can paste into Windows.  If you don't selct the subsequent text from a
Cygwin xterm, the dtterm never gets pushed intot he clipboard and you can't
past your dtterm text into Windows.

You can, however, copy and paste by merely selecting and middle clicking
anywhere in Xwindows, or from xterm to windows, just not from dtterm to
windows without using the above method.

I've tried this numerous times, with the latest xwinclip installed, and
using Blackbox as my Window Manager.

The other thing that won't work within dtterm is if you open a file in vi
the SHIFT special characters, like #, won't work.  I get a beep.  Anyone
know how to fix that one?


Tom Connelly

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