ssh and xsessioning know-how

Fri Jan 17 06:25:00 GMT 2003

i've been able to X-session via ssh with cygwin to a
remote redhat machine, while i was using cygwin
locally and the redhat machine was remotely on the

process i used ( i know there are many ways to fire up
X and have scripts and arguments passed to bash to do
this, if you know a solution containing passing
parameters to bash using ssh to start a remote
X-session, please let me know)
1-c:\ dos prompt
2-entered c:\cygwin\bin
3-typed bash --login -i in dos box: "me@localmachine"
5-"xterm window": typed 'ssh -l username -XC
6-fun: now i'm "" at remote domain
and can fire up 'startkde' or 'gnome-session', or any
other window manager available remotely...

my question is if there's a way to pass username,
password and domain name with a startup script so i
don't have to be prompted (starting right after local
login with bash)?

i'm pretty new to this and i'm definitely no expert,
i'm sure someone has the answer to this; i'm also
thinking its possible that a clean xterm can be
requested to be opened from the remote side: a shell
with '' after ssh has successfully
logged me in without prompting me. (after it has run
in the background while starting up with the local

i don't want to depend on any window driver wrappers
for ssh. and as you may know the danger of doing
this...if i start kde or gnome, i can't kill this
xterm box without closing up all of kde or gnome in
one shot...

i'm also pretty dumb not knowing exactly what services
my remote domain is running other than I know someone
can help me a little more how i can do it./:} ...i
know the remote is running the daemons sshd and gpm, i
know how to query the rpm's database...but I still
don't know well how remote X works with ssh? I know
that I can use XWin +parameters, but how can I have it
automated with ssh?

If you know of any alternatives i'd greatly appreciate
it, i'm also only in favor of sticking with cygwin
build tools and nothing else, i have to thank the
cygwin team for making X-sessioning possible from my
Windows box, everyone kept spitting out to go buy out
winaxe and winplus..thx but no thx.;)...


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