grep: Command not found when starting tcsh

J. Eric Bracken
Thu Jan 16 14:08:00 GMT 2003

Note to the Cygwin-XFree86 team:

I have Cygwin and XFree86 installed, and I was getting annoying messages
of the form

  Grep:  command not found

every time I started up a tcsh shell.  I finally tracked the problem 
down to
the file /etc/profile.d/00xfree.csh.  This script apparently executes 
all other login scripts and is intended to put /usr/X11R6/bin on your path.

Unfortunately it includes this line:

  eval "echo ${PATH} | grep -q ${X11PATH}"

Because it's executing so early on, the PATH hasn't been properly set up 
and grep was not being found.

By replacing "grep" with "/bin/grep", the problem was resolved.  This had
already been done in the file in the same directory so I'm 
the 00xfree.csh file hadn't been modified too.


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