Multiwindow patch - just a cleanup and lots of commenting

Harold L Hunt II
Thu Jan 16 13:15:00 GMT 2003


Oops, here is a more recent version of the source code with more cleanups:

Hopefully you haven't started updating things yet... but feel free to now!


Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> Kensuke,
> My cleaned up and commented version of the multiwindow files is here:
> r.bz2
> I also messed around for a minute with the shape extension... you will find
> some of that code in place but disabled.
> Please use these commented files for development from now on.
> I think I thoroughly understand how the patch works, and I must say it is
> really slick.  I should be able to take a little bit of your code and add
> xwinclip to XWin.exe pretty soon.
> Thanks for the great work,
> Harold

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