New "multiwindow" mode is great

John Buttery
Thu Jan 16 13:14:00 GMT 2003

* Yadin Y Goldschmidt <> [2003-01-15 20:48:47 -0500]:
> XWin with a startxwin.bat batch file with
> start XWin -multiwindow
> run rxvt -sl 1000 -e bash -l
> this will insure your bash prompt wil appear if it is in .bashrc. You
> can also add stuff like -fg black -bg white -fm 9x16bold --scrollstyle
> next -sr to the rxvt line to make it look nicer.

  I think what he means is that he has escape sequences in his prompt
to update the titlebar of the window, which stopped working as of
multiwindow mode.  The same thing happened with mine (although I do mine
with "export PROMPT_COMMAND" rather than embedding them in the prompt
itself), but I wasn't going to say anything. :)

  As for the now-superfluous root window taskbar tab, I'm sure it will
be moved into the system tray soon enough, once the debugging phase is

  And as for the Word document...hmm, no, I'll spare the list.  ;) 

 John Buttery
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