Connect from Unix to Windows via ssh and start an applycation which is using the windows display

Andrew Markebo
Mon Jan 13 21:16:00 GMT 2003

Security thingy, basically you can't do this, fire up a graphical
windows-app remote. 

You maybe want to throw an eye on VNC, will export the desktop of the
windows-machine to any machine having a vnc-viewer.. and vnc-viewers
exist for maany platforms.


/ Axel Bauer <> wrote:
| I have the problem to start an application on windows 2000 from a unix host.
| I decided to do that task over ssh because of security reasons. The
| application has to use the display of the windows workstation.
| I installed cygwin on the windows host and configured the ssh-deamon as a
| windows service. Now I can login from a linux host to the windows machine, but
| I have a problem to start an application with a graphical surface. If I try
| to start notepad.exe for example, the shells hangs and I have to stop with
| CTRL-C. 
| If I call a Cygwin-Shell on the windows-host directly and type "notepad" the
| application works correctly. 
| If I try a "ssh localhost" on the Cygwin-Shell I have the same problem as
| described above.
| Of course I know about the mechanisms of forwarding displays under
| unix/linux (like: xhost + hostname, export DISPLAY= hostname:x.x,,... ), but this
| seems not to work, because I want to connect to a display of a windows host and
| not to another X-Server.
| Can anyone help me ?
| Axel Bauer
| Philips Medical Systems
| Boeblingen, Germany
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