[ANNOUNCEMENT] Server Test 70

Yadin Y. Goldschmidt yadin@pitt.edu
Mon Jan 13 19:44:00 GMT 2003

Yes, I see exactly the same behavior. The fact that after opening another
window the problem is corrected means that it probably should not be
difficult to correct.
"Milos Komarcevic" <mk329@eng.cam.ac.uk> wrote in message
> I get the same problem with non-aligned menus with xfig also,
> so it is not LyX specific.
> But check this out:
> 1. open LyX or xfig (or I guess any gui app)
> 2. move the window
> 3. try to open a dropdown menu - the menus are detached and not aligned
>      (they show up at the old window position)
> 4. open another window (either an action from the menu opens it, or just
>      an xterm or something)
> 5. try to open a menu again - the menus appear where they should be!!!!
> Anyone else seeing this?

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