Connect from Unix to Windows via ssh and start an applycation which is using the windows display (more deatails)

Staf Verhaegen
Mon Jan 13 16:25:00 GMT 2003

Axel Bauer wrote:
> O.K. I think I should explain my problem more detailed. Because of company
> confidentials I only will describe the principal problem. We have a unix-host,
> running several services. On this host we want to call a script ( e.g. perl
> or bash-script) which starts an application on the windows machine. The
> windows application itself is served by a human operator on the windows host. In
> other words: The only task of the unix machine is to start the application,
> nothing more.
> Our intention is to use an ssh-connection to do that task. Therefore I
> installed cygwin togehter with sshd. From the Unix side it should be possible to
> make an ssh-call like 
> "ssh -x user@windowshost applicationcommand"
> The only problem is the connection from the sshd-service (on windows) to the
> windows-display. I think that Vince Hoffman gave me a very good hint in his
> answer. (Allow sshd to connect the windows display). I try them out at the
> moment.

I'm no windows expert but maybe you try to not run the sshd as a service but 
start it up during the user login on the windows machine. This way I think 
that the sshd will be connected to the local display.


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