Connect from Unix to Windows via ssh and start an applycation which is using the windows display

Axel Bauer
Mon Jan 13 15:32:00 GMT 2003

> The solution I use is VNC (
> )
> This is an open source / cross platform remote desktop
> tool. Basically it ships the screen pixels back from a
> remote server to a local client, and forwards mouse and
> keyboard commands the opposite way.
> Not only can you run any program on the remote computer
> you can also watch what someone is doing - invaluable
> for help desks tracking user problems.
> Both the server daemon and client browser are available
> for windows + unix.
>        Martin Beckett

I know th VNC application, but I think that this is not the right solution
for my problem. With VNC you are able to forward display, mouse and keyboard
to another machine. Thereby it is possible to connect from UNIX to Windows and
start the application via mouseclick. In my case it is necessarry to start
the windows-application through a Unix-Application (Perl-Script, Shell-Script,
etc).I don't think, that there is a solution for that problem using VNC.  Is
it ? Neverteless, thanks for your efforts !

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