Connect from Unix to Windows via ssh and start an applycation which is using the windows display

Sutor, Frank
Mon Jan 13 14:48:00 GMT 2003

Hi ,

im working at the same problem, aiming to install software on remote pc's.

at this time i CAN install  by example the ms office package on a remote pc 
during an other user may be working on the system. I log on to the remote 
host as administrator, having full access to the system incl. registry an run 
the setup program under this rights.

as you, i CANNOT get  any output / performing input to the running programm.

i just initiated a projekt where we develop a littel windows programm which 
should get the a process id as input, get the handle of the desktop window by 
the system and arrange the window according to the process under the desktop 

if it would work i could run central administrated (setup) programs on remote 
pc's and unpriviledged users could change settings....

Frank Sutor

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