[ANNOUNCEMENT] xwinclip Test 08 (Cygwin/XFree86 and Windows clipboard integration)

Jeremy Wilkins jeb@jeremywilkins.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Jan 13 13:41:00 GMT 2003

Can you download the TEST07 version from xfree.cygwin.com and test that 
(you'll need to set DISPLAY=ww.xx.yy.zz:0). If it doesn't give those 
messages then let me know.


John Buttery wrote:
> * Harold L Hunt II <huntharo@msu.edu> [2003-01-12 21:20:30 -0500]:
>>I just posted Test 08 to the xwinclip development page:
>   By the way, in this new version, whenever I select something (in an
> xterm), the following text gets printed to the terminal at the cursor
> position:
> electionNotify - Reasserted ownership of ATOM: PRIMARY
>   Is this normal? 

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