Multiwindow mode

Harold L Hunt II
Sun Jan 12 06:36:00 GMT 2003


I just tried to make a release of XWin.exe with your patches incorporated.
I got everything in place... the source code, the binary, the web page
updates, etc.  Then I noticed that my XWinrl.log was over 400 KB for only
two minutes of running XWin.exe.

I then tried to go back through your code and #if CYGDEBUG the ErrorF
messages... but that got to be pointless because you may have updated the
code since sending it in.

Could you please go through the code and wrap each of the ErrorF messages
with something like #if CYGMULTIWINDOW_DEBUG  ?  Then define
CYGMULTIWINDOW_DEBUG in win.h to be  YES, or NO, just like the other flags
that we use (like CYGDEBUG).  Then you can have the debug messages for
multiwindow mode print out, and I can easily disable all of them (except the
really important ones) when I try to make a test release.

Thanks in advance,


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This patch solve a problem another way.
X Server move/resize window. instead of window manager.
Perhaps this patch is smarter than a previous patch.

Kensuke Matsuzaki

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