Rootless Mode

Bovy, Stephen
Fri Jan 10 00:46:00 GMT 2003


I have been experimenting with "exceed" window manager and "cygwin" 

It is "interesting" to note that I can execute the "windowmaker"
cygwin-port and get it
To work natively with the "exceed" X-window server.  The clip , the dock
, ect all
Pop-up as "icons" on my windows desktop.

Now if this capability could be further refined to work with "cygwin" in
rootless mode,
In a manner that is complimentry/compatible/integrated and
non-disruptive with the
Normal windows desktop and/or other windows,  and maybee even try to
integrate it
With the "task/bar" ..  Then we would have a very powerfull
"integration" technology.

Of course "unfortunately" the window-maker port is currently "broken" so
it is hard 
To do further "experiments"

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I have tried the server test series with "rootless" mode.  

I find it very usefull.  Here is my dumb opinion.

We need a Native Microsft-Cygwin "Window Manager" designed to work in
"rootless mode".

Also FYI.  The "Window Maker" "port" isnt working with the most recent
"builds" Of the cygwin libraries.  

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