Rootless Mode

Harold L Hunt II
Fri Jan 10 00:11:00 GMT 2003


Kensuke Matsuzaki is working on the Windows-based window manager.

If Window Maker is broke, then someone else is gonna have to fix it.  I 
released a few packages with the intention that others would take them 
over, but no one has.  So, if Window Maker is broke, then I will have to 
pull the package from distribution.

Any takers?


Bovy, Stephen wrote:

>I have tried the server test series with "rootless" mode.  
>I find it very usefull.  Here is my dumb opinion.
>We need a Native Microsft-Cygwin "Window Manager" designed to work in
>"rootless mode".
>Also FYI.  The "Window Maker" "port" isnt working with the most recent
>Of the cygwin libraries.  

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