.bat from xterm opens cmd.exe window

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Thu Jan 9 19:16:00 GMT 2003

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Sean McEligot wrote:

> >To the original poster: since there is no way to propagate tty information
> >through a cmd.exe session, I suppose the best solution would still be the
> >one Alexander proposed, i.e., live with it.  Why would one want to call a
> >batch file from an xterm, anyway?
> Some programs use batch files on windows. In my case, an ant build script to
> pops up a window when weblogic rmic is called. Another user had similar
> issues with Jam in Sept. 2001. If I don't use cmd.exe, I won't see errors.
> We also use batch files internally so developers can use either cygwin or
> cmd.exe depending on their own personal preference. This used to work, and
> still works for developers who don't upgrade as often as I do. Something
> changed. I can always use cmd.exe, but I prefer to work in xterm.

Ah, I guess I meant something like Christopher Faylor's followup comment:
why would one want to call a batch file that calls cygwin programs (from

I don't see why you'd need to use batch files for internal development...
As long as Cygwin's /bin directory is in the Windows path, they can invoke
shell scripts through 'sh scriptname.sh' from either cmd.exe or xterm with
the output going to the right console.  There's no need for a batch file.

The ant build script is a harder case.  Here, if I understood correctly,
you actually utilize a Windows program (WebLogic RMIC) from a Cygwin
program (ANT).  However, the problem you describe only appears if a Cygwin
program is used from a batch file, which is in turn called by a Cygwin
program.  So either the RMIC process calls some Cygwin program (instead of
its Windows equivalent), which is probably an error anyway, or something
else is happening that was not intended to happen.  Perhaps someone else
on the list might have a better idea on how to deal with this, or you
might provide further details.  I still think that, as long as you cleanly
separate Windows programs from Cygwin, you will not be affected by the tty
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