XDMCP Problem (must be connected to internet)

Tim Kelly tim@tirius.com
Sun Jan 5 15:46:00 GMT 2003

First of all I must correct my original message. I can get remote X clients,
running on my Linux box to appear on my W2K box providing that my Dial Up
Networking is connected to the internet. If I disconnect then the X-Client
disappears off my screen. I now believe that this has something to do with
the dynamic IP address that my ISP gives me when I connect. I think that the
X-Client on my Linux box is using my dynamically allocated IP from my ISP to
communicate with my W2K box. It is not using the 192.168.X.X one. This
explains why I need to be connected to the internet for xwin to work.

I tried this experiment:

If I type:     xwin -query -from  it doesn't work
However:   xwin -query -from <MY DHCP>.<INTERNET>.<IP>.<ADDRESS>
then it works.

This confirms to me that LAN network addresses do not work for some reason.
I thought maybe this has something to do with firewall settings, but I don't
think iptables is even compiled into my debian kernel.

This might be a good time to let people know that my W2K box is setup for
Internet Connection Sharing (The linux box uses as it's gateway
to the internet).

Anyone have any ideas!



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