XDMCP Problem (must be connected to internet)

Tim Kelly tim@tirius.com
Sun Jan 5 04:12:00 GMT 2003


I have a Debian 3.0 box, and W2k box.

I start an xwin session on my W2K box like so:

xwin -query    (this is the address of the linux box).

I find that I get my nice kde login window only while my W2K internet
connection is active. Once I can see the KDE login screen I can saftly
disconnect from the internet. Both my computers are on my LAN so I see no
reason why I need to be on the internet. Can anybody explain?!

For bonus points: xwin -fullscreen brings up an x-windows server on my
primary display. I have a secondary display which I would prefer to use.

As a workaround for now I am using windowed mode and dragging the window
onto my secondary monitor.

Any help much appreciated,


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