opening a X session with linux box breaks routing on both client and server

Sat Jan 4 21:26:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I have a linux box running Red Hat 7.3, and Cygwin-XFree running on a
Win2000 machine. Both are running in a private 192.168 subnet.

Initially, both boxes can happily connect to the internet via the gateway at

Then I open a cygwin shell and connect with:

XWin -query <linuxHost>

The X window opens appropriately with window manager niceties, and
everything works fine between the two.

However, now neither one can ping the gateway or get out to the internet.
Though they can reach other machines in the 192.168. network.

Does anyone have an approach for debugging this? I'm at a loss and can find
nothing relevant on the Cygwin-XFree site or the Red Hat site.


aaron remick
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