Cross Compiling host.def

Alexander Gottwald
Fri Jan 3 20:33:00 GMT 2003

Alexander Gottwald wrote:

> Harold L Hunt II wrote:
> > I just updated the Contributor's Guide yesterday and I meant to check if we
> > still needed a host.def file.  I seem to have messed up somewhere and left
> > with the impression that we did not need a host.def file anymore... but it
> > seems that I didn't actually delete the host.def file and now I don't know
> > if we need it or not.  So, as a sanity check, I want to ask if other cross
> > compilers out there are using a host.def file.  
> I do. But mainly for setting the debug build, the Pseudo relocation stuff
> and those include dirs you have defined too. I'll check if we can somehow 
> remove them.

I've stripped my host.def to

#define CygwinPseudoReloc YES

#ifndef DefaultCDebugFlags
#define DefaultCDebugFlags -ggdb3

#ifndef Freetype2Dir
#define Freetype2Dir        /usr/i686-pc-cygwin32

#if 1
#  undef BuildDebug
#  undef XFree86Devel
#  define BuildDebug        YES
#  define XFree86Devel      YES

As you can see these are only local defines and are not needed to do a
crosscompilation (only the freetype thing might be a problem). 


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