"no buffer space available" on Win2K

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Wed Apr 30 16:11:00 GMT 2003


Right, but has the VPN software *ever* been installed on your Windows 
machine at work?

Can you try another Windows machine at work and see if it gets the same 
problem?  Such a test would help to uncover anything specific to your 
general computer configuration at work (such as some sort of software 
installed on all of them, etc.).

As for help --- They would at least want you to be running debug 
versions of some Cygwin components.  Ideally you would do some tracking 
down to try to figure out an exact sequence of events that reproduces 
the problem in a short amount of time.


Karl Waclawek wrote:
>>It is well-known that various VPN software causes problems with 
>>Cygwin/XFree86.  The reasons for this are numerous, but it primarily has 
>>to do with the fact that these VPN packages replace various Windows 
>>system DLLs with their own versions that do not correctly duplicate all 
>>of the functionality of the Windows networking DLLs.  There isn't 
>>anything we can do to fix this problem, as we certainly cannot write 
>>code to deal with x number of networking layers for Windows.
>>The only real solution here is to never install the VPN software to 
>>begin with, as most of them leave their modified DLLs in place when you 
>>uninstall them.
> You misunderstood:
> I didn't get  the "no buffer space available" error with the VPN in place.
> I only had very slow performance.
> The error happened at work, no VPN, both machines inside the firewall.
>>The problem would have nothing to do with the window manager.
>>I consider your problem solved, as there is nothing I can do to help. 
>>You could ask the Cygwin list (cygwin@cygwin.com) if you have further 
>>questions, but I would expect it to get toasty in there if you aren't 
>>offering to help :)
> What kind of help did you have in mind?
> Karl

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