"no buffer space available" on Win2K

Karl Waclawek karl@waclawek.net
Tue Apr 29 21:21:00 GMT 2003

> Karl,
> This is the first time I have ever heard of such an error.
> Could you please elaborate on where you recieve this error?  Is it a 
> popup window?  If so, please include the full text.  Is it in 
> /tmp/XWinrl.log or /tmp/XWin.log?  If so, please include the full text 
> of that file.  Is it at a command prompt?  If so, which program 
> generated the error and what was its text?

I saw it twice, once in a Cygwin shell, the other time in a pop-up
window created by PuTTY. File is attached from last attempt.
There is no XWin.log, only XWinrl.log.
However, it may not be very useful, since when trying it his time,
the X server froze completely and I don't think it wrote anything
to the file at this point, considering the timestamp of the log file.

The text is pretty much exact (as seen with PuTTY):
Socket error: "no buffer space available".
There was an old entry in the mailing list archives, but nothing 
that helped me.

> With more info we may be able to help.
> Harold

If you have a specific thing you want me to try I will do it,
even though it is a pain - every time this happens I need to
reboot so that I can send the e-mail out.


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